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Embark on a journey across magnificent wine regions for an unforgettable wine tour experience! Whether it's the rolling vineyards of Piedmont, the historic cellars of Bordeaux, or the sun kissed landscapes of Stellenbosh, let each sip be a taste of the region's rich terroir and winemaking traditions.


Our all inclusive wine tour and tastings package is the perfect way to experience the best of wine country at top wineries and prestigious estates. Appreciate the universe of wine and the regions dedicated to viticulture. We offer a variety of customized wine tours, experience an authentic tour guided by certified experts, along with wine tastings of some of the finest wines, our package also includes accommodations at luxurious hotels and estates, gourmet meals, and transportation to and from all activities.

Cruising the canals of Europe and the exotic waterways of Asia and rivers in Africa, a hotel barge promises an indulgent and unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in local culture with curated shore excursions, explore historical sites, visit vineyards, experience the unique attractions along your route and cheers to a luxurious floating escape.


Imagine slowly making your way through the picturesque waterways of some of the world's most stunning wire regions, taking in the lush scenery and indulging in the local wine offerings. A barge hotel wine themed vacation is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Explore an intimate adventure, discover new places across regions, enjoy a fascinating relaxing excursion along inland waterways, sail in comfort and stop at multiple ports and quaint villages for a fascinating unique wine vacation. 

Indulge in these all inclusive wine themed activities for a truly opulent and immersive journey through the world of wine. Cheers to a wine adventure filled with luxury, discovery, and unforgettable moments.


If you are looking for an indulgent experience, we offer a variety of excursions to enhance your trip experience, we recommend activities around the regions, to mesmerize on breathtaking natural landscapes, stunning vineyards and heritages filled with local colors and characters. Guided circuits, discovery rallies, mountain biking, plane ride for an escapade around the vineyards, Skydiving & Parasailing, hot air balloon ride, and spa treatment among activities we can customize for you.

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