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Drinks in the Garden


Southeast Asia is fast becoming a respected wine producing prime location because of its tropical climate considered suitable for cultivating the different variety of the grape fruit, provenance of French colonial past and influences has allowed its popularity to continue to strive around this region, the vineyard's highland, loamy sand and slate terrain as well as its cool ocean breeze similar to the European weather give the right environment to produce aromatic and award winning wines. Explore wonders of the southeastern countries from east beyond the landmass of the Indochina and Malay peninsula to a string of archipelagos around the Arafuna sea and Mekong river throughout these provinces you will encounter the diverse ethnic tribes, these indigenous groups are very proud of their tribal identity and enjoy welcoming tourists to visit their home to share their stories and the opportunity to offer foreigners a taste of their home brewed rice-wine and honey-wine that they produce.

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