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Walking Through Fields

About Us


We promote seasonal design trips packages to selected wine regions in Europe, Africa and Asia. Our concierge service is dedicated to craft each itinerary detail tailor to reflect your budget plan and interests at a competitive rate to ensure your satisfaction.  


Explore breathtaking locations, traditions, landscapes, wine and gastronomy within Europe.

Uncover Africa's rich wine heritage and its natural wonders. Discover tropical wine regions across Southeast Asia and its diverse culture and its tourist attractions. "We are looking forward to having you join us on the journey."  

Our Story

Dear friends, My passion for travel is rooted in my international upbringing. My beloved mother Clarisse inspired and encouraged me to embrace this lifestyle to gain true perspectives on the world, traveling has allowed me to value and to respect cultural exchanges, customs and traditions. I attained corporate experiences of the travel industry in my functions as commerce editor for a successful intercontinental luxury travel magazine in New York.

In loving memory of Clarisse Andrade.

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