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Explore beautiful wine regions with us in Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. There are twenty one wine producing countries in the European Union. Discover ancient cities, modern metropolises, hamlets, cultivated countryside, windswept mountaintops and great vineyards. Africa provides a wealth of travel experiences for wine connoisseurs; the northern parts of the continent have produced wine since the Phoenician times according to historians while the south has created its own vintages since the 16th century and other parts of the continent have awoken to the magic of winemaking in the last three decades blessed with dry summers and wet winters climate.  Southeast Asia is fast becoming a respected wine producing prime location because of its tropical climate considered suitable for cultivating the different varieties of the grape fruit, provenance of French colonial past and influences has allowed its popularity to continue to strive around this region.


Terokai Kawasan Wain Bersama Kami.

Cos d'Estournel Castle
The image showcases a couple indulging in a wine tasting experience during their journey with Clarisse Travel, surrounded by the awe-inspiring tourist attractions of Southeast Asia's limestone cliffs and lush greenery. The woman, donning a straw hat, beams with happiness as she raises her glass in a toast, a symbol of the joyous moments found on wine region explorations. Her partner, clad in a shirt that mirrors the vibrant tapestry of the area, joins in the toast, adding to the relaxed yet opulent atmosphere of their wine tour. This scene is a snapshot of the unique trip packages designed by Clarisse Travel, inviting travelers to explore beautiful wine destinations and immerse themselves in the local culture and flavors.
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