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Travel with us in the Balkans in central Europe to the country of Slovenia.

Discover a blend of nature, inspiring traditions and vibrant history. Visit the oldest town of Ptuj and its magnificent castle among many other cultural heritage sites, enjoy serene moments into the heart of the vineyards.


Slovenian wine-makers use sustainable ecosystem to produce top quality world-class wines with characteristic varietal aromas and pleasant fruity exuberance reflecting the tradition of winemaking and viticulture for white wines such as Rebula, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, and red wines like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Orange wine and Rosé sparkling wine. You will have the honor to visit the 14,332 acres Santomas Estate, in the peaceful historic village of Šmarje, perched on a hillside above the Slovenian coast in the heart of the Istria region. The Santomas brand predominantly focuses on the production of native grape varieties, such as refošk/refosco and Istrian malvasia, which are the most popular wines in this area and offers two premium ranges, enabling both the wine lover and wine connoisseur to find their taste.

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A visit to Slovenia would not be complete without a visit to the medieval Bled Castle located on a short hiking trail over the hills, on a cliff above the city, surrounded by a pretty island along lake Bled and its secluded swimming spots.

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Slovenia is renowned for its fascinating landscapes, its beautiful lakes, montagnes and dramatic scenery but its divine natural wonders are deep underground, it is home to 8,000 caves. You will visit Postojna cave which is two million years old and the biggest cave in Europe. Experience kayaking through abandoned underground mines in complete darkness with only the illumination of headlights to light your path, an amazing experience for adventure seekers. We offer a multitude of excursions including hiking and biking tours, sailing tours, air helicopter and balloon tours. Slovenia is a haven for watersports and outdoor activities as well as wellness retreats. 

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