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Roam around the vineyards and enjoy the scenery that lays ahead, the natural beauty that surrounds you and learn the art of viticulture and viniculture.


Wine Tour

Indulge in wine tasting experience and discover the different tasting notes, learn how the wines are aged and bottled, how the grapes are fermented and blended. 

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Bike Tour

Get away on a guided bike excursion through the vineyards and around the regions, mesmerize on breathtaking natural landscapes, stunning vineyards and heritages filled with local colors and characters. Enjoy a incredible scenic view into the heart of the vineyards where you can stop for a rest and wine tasting before getting back on the road. In addition, we offer guided circuits, discovery rallies, cycling trips and mountain biking adventures.



 Savor the authentic flavor and dishes of each region that reflects its culture's traditions. Enroll in a cooking class for a unique culinary experience offered by passionate artisan chefs, sure to provide you with the skills and confidence to demonstrate your cooking talents to your family and friends. Register to tour a truffle farm to hunt and to pick your own tasty black diamond, guided by experts and trained dogs and pigs for a delicate culinary treasure experience.


River Cruise

Rent or hire your own floated hotel for daily or weekly accommodation service by you or by a captain with a full staff who will guide, navigate and cater while you enjoy the epic journey. The boat comes with all of the comfort and amenities that you will expect to find in a great hotel. Explore an intimate adventure, discover new places, enjoy a fascinating relaxing shore excursion along inland waterways, sail in comfort and stop at multiple ports and towns.


Sea Adventure

Enjoy a wonderful outdoor activity, kayak through the rivers and canals accompanied by our guided experts throughout our magnificent destinations.


Air Adventures

Ride on a hot air balloon at sunrise or at sundown above the vineyards accompanied by a wine tasting. Charter a plane ride for a escapade around the vineyards, enjoy an unbeatable aerial scenery. Skydiving & Parasailing services are offered by our trusted partners.

Safari Sunrise


 Feel the pulse of the plains as you witness millions of wildlife migration, wildebeests, zebras, antelopes and all types of exotic animals from far away countries stretched across vast grasslands in the African continent. 


Natural Wonders

Exploit the 1,500 islands and inlets of the blue waters of Halong Bay in Vietnam and the Can Gio wetlands with its diverse species of wildlife, visit Thi Lo Su, Thailand’s biggest waterfalls Discover the 5.5 miles biggest cave in the world in Vietnam, the Song Doong Cave and its jungle and river. Explore the temples at Ta Prohm in Cambodia and sail the majestic Mekong river from Siem Reap in Cambodia through the mangroves to the border to Saigon in Vietnam. 

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