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The Cape South Coast Wine Region

Updated: Jan 10

The Cape South Coast wine region is one of the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful regions, it is situated across from the Indian and Atlantic oceans at the southernmost tip

of Africa. The vineyards of the Cape South Coast wine region are as high as four hundred and twenty six meters above sea level and have an extended and long growing season thanks to the cool winds from the surrounding oceans. The grapes cultivated for the production of wines in South Africa are grown here along the Cape South Coast wine region because of the exposure to ocean breezes, its perfect climate and highly fertile soil, the landscape is extremely unique with steep, folding mountains that run parallel to the dramatic coastline. These mountains have for many centuries been exposed to long periods of severe weather which have provided the perfect soil type for viticulture. This region is one of the most naturally magnificent regions across Africa because of its unique location of dramatic background of folded mountains meeting the sea, and home to a number of nature reserves and protected areas, it is perfect for nature lovers, wine enthusiasts and nomads travelers.


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